Was Diego Velázquez really the “First Impressionist”?

In his thesis “The Practice and Science of Drawing” Harold Speed points out how the blurring of peripheral objects in painting began the search for visual elements of atmospheric felt sense of objects as opposed to linear delineation in naming of mere objects.

Las Meninas, by Diego Velázquez 1656

The Handmaidens of the Infanta Margharita in the Household of Philip IV, known as ‘Las meninas’, by Diego Velázquez, at the Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid. © Museo Nacional del Prado – Probably the first picture ever painted entirely from the visual or impressionist standpoint.

“When, as in the time of Titian, the art of the West had discovered light and shade, linear perspective, aerial perspective, etc., and had begun by fusing the edges of the masses to suspect the necessity of painting to a widely diffused focus, they had got very near considering appearances as a visual whole. But it was not until Velazquez that a picture was painted that was founded entirely on visual appearances, in which a basis of objective outlines was discarded and replaced by a structure of tone masses. Like his Venus of the same period in the National Gallery, it is a painter’s picture, and makes but a cold impression on those not interested in the technique of painting. With the cutting away of the primitive support of fine outline design and the absence of those accents conveying a fine form stimulus to the mind, art has lost much of its emotional significance. When he took his own painting room with the little Infanta and her maids as a subject, Velazquez seems to have considered it entirely as one flat visual impression. The focal attention is centred on the Infanta, with the figures on either side more or less out of focus, those on the extreme right being quite blurred. The reproduction here given unfortunately does not show these subtleties, and flattens the general appearance very much. The focus is nowhere sharp, as this would disturb the contemplation of the large visual impression. And there, I think, for the first time, the whole gamut of natural vision, tone, colour, form, light and shade, atmosphere, focus, etc., considered as one impression, were put on canvas.”

“But art has gained a new point of view. With this subjective way of considering appearances—this “impressionist vision,” as it has been called—many things that were too ugly, either from shape or association, to yield material for the painter, were yet found, when viewed as part of a scheme of colour sensations on the retina which the artist considers emotionally and rhythmically, to lend themselves to new and beautiful harmonies and “ensembles,” undreamt of by the earlier formulae. ” – Excerpt From: Harold Speed. “The Practice and Science of Drawing.”

“In the case of the Impressionist the mental perception is arrived at from the visual impression, and in the older point of view the visual impression is the result of the mental perception. Thus it happens that the Impressionist movement has produced chiefly pictures inspired by the actual world of visual phenomena around us, the older point of view producing most of the pictures deriving their inspiration from the glories of the imagination, the mental world in the mind of the artist.”

The painting has been cut down on both the left and right sides. It was damaged in the fire that destroyed the Alcázar in 1734, and was restored by court painter Juan García de Miranda (1677–1749). The left cheek of the Infanta was almost completely repainted to compensate for a substantial loss of pigment. Las Meninas has long been recognised as one of the most important paintings in Western art history. The Baroque painter Luca Giordano said that it represents the “theology of painting” and in 1827 the president of the Royal Academy of Arts Sir Thomas Lawrence described the work in a letter to his successor David Wilkie as “the true philosophy of the art”. More recently, it has been described as “Velázquez’s supreme achievement, a highly self-conscious, calculated demonstration of what painting could achieve, and perhaps the most searching comment ever made on the possibilities of the easel painting”. Via : wiki

Copies of Velázquez’ Handmaidens exist to defy the eye and challenge the validity of the original. Will the real Velázquez please stand out?

THE HOUSEHOLD OF PHILIP IV or LAS MENINAS by Juan Bautista Martinez del Mazo (c1612-15-1667) after Diego Velazquez (1599 - 1660), at Kingston Lacy, Dorset

The Handmaidens of the Infanta Margharita in the Household of Philip IV, known as ‘Las meninas’, thought to be by Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo, after Diego Velázquez, at Kingston Lacy, Dorset. ©National Trust Images/John Hammond



Humans Need Not Apply

The future is here. Doctorbot please go away. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow……

1+1=2 A to B and your perfect cup of coffee

It is difficult enough running a micro business by humans for humans and trying to survive, without having to account for technocratic changes that fuck up the money system and communications, and the escalating costs of doing business the electronic way, in attempt to replace the basics of a functional business.

Conclusion : the world is completely fucked.

Websites disappear faster than they can be created, replaced by trolling bots, trying to steal bitcoin from the real nature of things. The internet of things is like a consuming virus that has not produced anything of true benefit to humans that hasn’t come at an extreme cost to taxpayers and consumers. Our cost of living has gone through the roof for the convenience of turning on your coffee pot with your stupid cellphone that you text everyone on who you never see anymore. How’s that working for you?

Why and How to Prepare Your City for Self-Driving Cars and Life on Facebook and Milk Eggs and Bread from Amazon.

Three Things I Learned About the IOT Internet of Things

On February 17th Mark Zuckerberg published a 6000 word manifesto of his vision for the future. He starts with, “History is the story of how we’ve learned to come together in ever greater numbers — from tribes to cities to nations. At each step, we built social infrastructure like communities, media and governments to empower us to achieve things we couldn’t on our own. Today we are close to taking our next step.” He clearly advocates for the creation of a global community, with Facebook playing a pivotal role in it.

Can a computer know exactly how you take your coffee and make you that perfect cup? You are able to order and pay for it via your device, and just need to pick it up.

Beginning in 2014, GE partnered with the city of San Diego to replace more than 35,000 streetlights with more efficient LED technologies and build the world’s largest municipal Internet of Things. The project paid for itself almost immediately, yielding an estimated $2.2 million in annual savings. The new LED bulbs use 60 percent less energy and they reduce maintenance costs because they last much longer that the previous bulbs. While drivers are wandering about, looking for an available parking space. This is a data problem. Now these light poles make up a distributed data collection and transmission platform that can be used for many benefits other than light. With sensored street lights, you can have more efficient use of your on-street parking,” said David Graham, San Diego’s deputy chief operating officer, “You can better sense where cars are, and you can better understand parking and traffic. Another application called ShotSpotter uses the sensors’ sound and light detection capabilities to help law enforcement determine the location and nature of the perpetrators before arriving on the crime scene. This is helpful information. via

Like the rest of Silicon Valley, however, this future is in fact rooted in the past, the newest buildings go Google and Apple evoke space colonies as they may have been imagined in the ’60s. It comes, transfigured, from the wrecked dreams of communal living, of back-to-the-land utopias, of expanding plastic spheres and geodesic domes that populated the landscape of Northern California around the time (and around the same place) that the first semiconductors were being perfected.

This is far from the clusterfuck that is every dilapidated city on this dying earth. It is a utopian dream that will work for some, but never be completely realized, a haven for the global elite paid for by the lives of real people doing real things like growing organic food and having people skills. Didn’t Thomas Moore teach you anything?

Five-hundred years ago, in what is now the Belgian city of Leuven, Thomas More published his vision for an ideal society which he called Utopia. Talking about a closed society where everything is controlled by limitation. There is no room for imagination in a closed cage.

AI machines that can learn useless information faster than humans and destroy everything are only task oriented. They cannot produce a viable impetus or compassionate outcome. This takes human consciousness. All you fascists are bound to lose.

Conclusion : Humans are fucked – Fucking unreality of bastard apes and militant pigs.


Jesus fucking H Christ. Last night was right out of the kill zone of the Twilight Zone.

Yesterday afternoon the fellow from Healthy Homes came over with $6000 worth of measuring equipment to determine why I am unable to sleep restfully. I expected there to be high level EMF from neighbouring homes, ready to buy expensive silver threaded curtains on payments to put on the windows to block invading neighbouring fields to my bedroom where I sleep 8 hours a day. He did find levels of EMF intrusion, but determined that it’s actually this 50 year old wiring in the house we are renting. The condition is called dirty power from faulty wiring. A given plug outlet should read 75uW (microwatts per square meter) or less, but ours spike up to 1400 to 1700uW. He tested my body in my bed at up to 2000uW being affected by plug outlets with lamps, a heater attached to them, on top of neighbouring fields coming through my walls. Apparently everything that is electrical and left plugged in, although it it technically dormant in OFF mode, still generates RF EMF from dirty electricity. So at night for 8hours when I am trying to sleep I am being bombarded with over 26 times the negative electrical fields than we are naturally accustomed to. No wonder for the past 6 months I have been waking in the middle of the night with my heart racing and irregular heartbeat as if my body is stressed, and getting up in the morning with my skin tingling and circulation feeling dead, my hands and feet numb and tingling as if they went to sleep and never woke up, a mild headache, and muscle ache and joint arthritic pain. Welcome to our abode!

The EMF spectrum and various levels of signals infecting our environs 24/7 – I still don’t know how to read all this shit properly.. .via

RF, EMF, Dirty Electricity and its Biological Effects

The frequency of our Alpha brain wave state, which is our state of relaxation is around 7.83 Hz, the same frequency as that of the earth, also known as the Schumann Resonance. We are meant to be in resonance with the earth. RF EMF ELF ELV all spike our system like a taser up the ass. How is that working for us? Cattle of earth, sheeple of technocracy.

In her book, “Zapped” by Ann Louise Gittleman, she says this, “The human body, which is 75 per cent water, conducts electricity …In fact, humans are literally walking conversations, cells chattering to one another and interacting with the natural world using electrical charges and chemicals to make the connections. But when you add artificial electromagnetic forces to the mix, we are starting to learn, these quiet conversations suddenly become cacophony, as though a flash mob has arrived, shouting and screaming and with boom boxes blaring so loudly you can’t hear yourselves think.”

I’ve been using something called Swiss Biomat to reverse these symptoms, but every morning I again wake up feeling compromised. Fuck. And, fucked! What the fuck do you do to block something coming at you that you can’t see? I’ve spent thousands trying to get this shit out of my space, only to find there is more from some other source. The new 5G WIFI being rolled out is 100 times more invasive than the previous WIFI systems and meant to monitor and control everything in its wake for the benefit of the evil corporations of the NWO. I’ve posted talks about this from the crowhouse and there are many speaking to the weaponization of 5G. Here is one of them.

The SCARIEST 3-1/2 Minutes EVER! – 5G will Weaponize Everything

Here is one of the fuckers in Washington hell bent on killing us at any cost. Fuck the FED. Your government is evil and in the pockets of evil corporate interests. Tom Wheeler FCC is a fucking evil dick.

Fuck you goddam global NWO elite and American stooges.

So, I’m just pulling the plug. I am hardwired to ethernet, NO WIFI here! I shut off the house breaker to my bedroom area at night so I can sleep. So fuck the 5G and the NWO they rode in on.

Still not convinced? Watch this :

5G networks will use the same frequencies as pain inflicting crowd control weapons

Alaska Military Police Taser Training – Welcome to the dark, the future is insane!

BTW, this is what the pain of Trigeminal Neuropathy TGN feels like, debilitating electric shock, which I have been dealing with for the past two years and aggravated by RF EMF fields.

What I want to know is who is the fuckhead pulling the trigger? This is not humanitarian.

Getting to bed at what I thought was 11:11, I realized the clocks were out from turning off the breakers to test the dirty power earlier. It was 2 hours later at 1:11, that I shut off the breaker to the bedrooms and made my way in the dark through the kitchen to bed, only to be met by the dishwasher door in the middle of the space busting my shins (which incidentally spikes at over 2000uW), counter-intuitively catching myself luckily on the kitchen countertop stop toppling head over heels onto my face. Fuck that hurt. My leg swelled, the door broke my skin with an abrasion, I used cold compresses to get the swelling down and aloe vera to stop the bleeding then wrapped a large bandage onto the area and went to bed. What a fucking trauma out of nowhere after a day of science fiction reality.

Moral of this story : I didn’t need expensive shit to block the invisible trespassers, I just needed to shut the whole fucking thing off.

Next project will be to invent a counter weapon to 5G insanity. Fucking goddam Industrial Military Global Media Banking sick fucks of the NWO. Shove a taser up your fucking ass.

Wireless technology, NWO

OCCUPY! Make this your 2018 NY Resolution!

Open letter to the global elite : A Mass Action of Liability

You global elite fuckheads don’t have enough assets to compensate the all collateral damage victims you have harmed in your assinine activities of raiding the resources of this peaceful planet through the Industrial Military Global Banking Media complex.



TACIT Agreement, if you don’t say NO, you’ve said YES.


Fuck You City Hall Surrey BC Canada !! Where Aggressive EMF Technologies are TRESPASSING ON MY PRIVATE PROPERTY !!! ––– CAUSING ME BODILY HARM !!!

Six months ago we moved into another standalone house, without sharing rent with neighbours and their wifi at close proximity. We thought we escaped the invading fields of EMF in proximity to be able to sleep again at night. Although this house is low in EMF from wifi, it has a smart meter which we were able to block with EMF carbon paint block. The nearest home is 30 feet away, however, when we had the signals tested after we moved in, the person told us that there is another higher field that is not wifi in this home. He believes the signal to be from the neighbouring wireless surveillance camera system. I tried best I could to block that direction from the bedrooms with foil and grounding to no avail. It was coming from a monster home towering over our tiny cottage and coming not just through the walls, but through the roof. The signals read were also “through the roof”. In a week I developed acute face pain, insomnia, headache, heart palpitations and began to get extremely depressed and angry.

I wrote a letter to Surry BC Canada city council to ask them to do something about this invisible death ray technology that was harming my health. The pain would subside when I leave my home and went outside away from invading signals, then upon coming home would ramp up again and cause extreme nerve pain in my TGN (trigeminal neuralgia). The city desk simply acknowledged receiving the letter, said they’ve passed it to the appropriate department, and would get back to me at some point. That was 6 months ago and two followup requests with still no direct answer or acknowledgement of this issue and trespassing on my property harming my health.

I mentioned before that the factors at play here are proximity to a dirty electric signal, the strength of the signal, and the duration in which you are exposed to that signal. In my case, wifi ten feet below our living space near my bedroom blasting and ganged with neighbouring fields for 8 hours a night for the past 3 years. And the whole point is that these aggressive technologies are TRESPASSING ON MY PRIVATE PROPERTY !!! ––– CAUSING ME BODILY HARM !!!

At this point I’m so stressed I’m foaming at the mouth spewing foul language and threatening to annihilate the entire city block just to get a night’s proper rest. I am not imagining any of this. I am EMF Hypersensitive (look it up, it’s on google/wikipedia), as well as suffering from trigeminal neuralgia extreme nerve pain in my face.

The tester mentioned a new technology to me that seemed to help some sufferers of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The device is an EMF field harmonizer called Blushield from New Zealand that helps to counter the aggressive waves of not only wifi, but dirty hydro power (bad grounding, short circuit), cellphones, cellphone towers and local relay transmitters, high watt appliances, microwave and other fields of radiation from micro and radio frequency. I borrowed money to buy it, it is not inexpensive, we are talking up to $1000 per unit, and upon delivery, after 15 minutes of plugging the device into my power outlet, the pain in my face subsided and I was suddenly able to sleep through most of the night without roiling in acute head pain. So it helped to some degree. The best thing is to avoid these fields completely. Unfortunately in urban environments, that is almost impossible.

Home plug uses the house wiring grid as an antenna to harmonize aggressive EMF and wifi fields

First there is the problem of healing yourself from the radiation damage to your cells, the blood cells shut down and get DNA cell damage, this has been tested and witnessed on video. And whether someone thinks they feel it or not, it still affects them the same way. Lowered immunity and other illnesses crop up. Although the extreme pain is lowered by the device, there is still a residual field that over 8 hours of sleep fatigues the body, cells, muscles, organs, probably adrenals, brain, etc. to wake feeling exhausted yet once again. Only with less acute pain. My skin tingles, like it is itchy dry and burning. None of this happens when I go for a walk or am out in nature. So where the fuck am I supposed to sleep to get rest when my fucking bedroom is poisoned with this shit?

Then there is the problem to stay healthy, because every night I sleep in the field it fucks up my blood cells and deadens my circulatory and adrenal system again. Aside from all the supplements, B vitamins, Ashwaganda, salt baths, Calcium, Magnesium, Melatonin, for energy deficiency caused by this insipid technology, anyone affected this way needs to stay away from those fields. Each night I go to sleep refreshed having nurtured myself, and every morning I wake up hammered and stressed like I’ve been run over by a bus.

So now I am ordering a second device to take to the salon where my roommate works and two personal carry devices the size of a cell phone that protect us in public electrosmog environments from aggressive signals. I had to raise another $1500 to purchase this harmonizer. I am hoping this will alleviate any remaining symptoms.

This cube device has a 90M radius effect at harmonizing EMF wifi fields. The personal handheld devices protect you in public spaces.


Who are “They”?
Those who are controlling the system are exploiting you

The “tech haves” and “tech want-nots”

Even though it may be true, I don’t want to know because I’m comfortable where I am…

The internet of things

Neural Net
Receiving an input pj(t) from processor
activation a{j}(t) of a discrete parameter by a learning function
activation function f giving rise to the relation
output function out{f} computing the output from the activation

An input neuron has no predecessor but serves as input interface for the whole network. Similarly an output neuron has no successor and thus serves as output interface of the whole network.


A restricted Boltzmann machine (RBM) with fully connected visible and hidden units. Note there are no hidden-hidden or visible-visible connections.

17 Things : How to stop being controlled by others — 17 things YOU can do to END the New World Order
1. Turn off or throw away your T.V.
2. Think for yourself.
3. Question all so-called ‘Authority’
4. Get out, and/or stay out, of debt!
5. Use cash, trade or barter as much as possible, rather than debit card/credit cards
6. Get rid of grocery store ‘discount’ cards –grocery stores provide this information to insurance companies.
7. Bank at a Credit Union, or any alternative to the ‘TBTF’ Banks, that participated in the 2008 Banker Bailout.
8. Buy products “Made in YOUR country”
9. Start your own garden
10. Meditate or pray – reduce your stress!
11. Get exercise!
12. Read a book/eBook: The Zeitgeist Movement – Orientation Guide.
13. Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient, dub or other alternative music.
14. Watch Fall of the Republic – Architecture of the New World Order (2009) documentary.
15. Watch End Game (2009) & Wake Up Call (2009) documentaries.
16. Watch Esoteric Agenda (2008) & Kymatica (2009) documentaries.
17. Watch THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take (2011) and ETHOS. A Time For Change (2012)
Read More: http://www.knowledgeoftoday.org/2012/02/end-new-world-order


A view from the bridge the old Brooklyn of Arthur Miller


Holiday magazine, March 1955

Nobody can know Brooklyn, because Brooklyn is the world, and besides it is filled with cemeteries, and who can say he knows those people? But even aside from the cemeteries it is impossible to say that one knows Brooklyn. Three blocks from my present house live two hundred Mohawk Indians. A few blocks from them are a group of Arabs living in tenements in one of which is published an Arabic newspaper. When I lived on Schermerhorn Street I used to sit and watch the Moslems holding services in a tenement back yard outside my window, and they had a real Moorish garden, symmetrically planted with curving lines of white stones laid out in the earth, and they would sit in white robes—twenty or thirty of them, eating at a long table, and served by their women who wore the flowing purple and rose togas of the East. All these…

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