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Allen Ginsberg

1976  – Neue Pinakothek -Allen Ginsberg und “Der Arme Poet” von Carl Spitzweg (1839)

Walter Mehring

Walter Mehring   Schriftsteller (1896-1981) Carlton-Hotel München 1975

Der jüdische Autor Walter Mehring entkommt dem Holocaust, “wird amerikanischer Staatsbürger und kehrt 1953 aus dem Exil zurück. Zürich und München werden seine Bleibe – ein Zuhause in kleinen Hotels. Drei Jahrzehnte schreibt er an einem neuen Roman – 800 Seiten in Handschrift – einem Buch über das Leben im Exil. 1976 gehen sie verloren – irgendwo zwischen München und Zürich.

Auf diesem Foto, in seinem Hotelzimmer, lauscht er seiner Stimme – Texte aus seinem “verlorenen” Roman – gesprochen für uns – auf ein Tonband.

Allen Ginsberg Oktoberfest © Uwe Möntmann

Allen Ginsberg  “Oktoberfest-Löwenbräu-Zelt” (1976)

Obwohl schon einige Maß intus stellt sich Allen vor dem Bierzelt in Pose.„Löööwenbräu“ brüllt der Löwe im Hintergrund und schon macht es – klick!

Allen Ginsberg OktoberfestAllen Ginsberg Okoberfest (1976)

Lou Reed

Lou Reed  (1977)

Link Wray München (1977)

Ohne Link Wray gäbe…

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Wi-fi Space Blanket

Invisible magnetic fields are trespassing on your property. If you are unable to negotiate moving your neighbour’s wi-fi out of your sleeping quarters, you can minimize the signal until you are able to find a proper solution by holding a gun to their head. Warning! Most sheeple are unaware of being microwaved in their sleep… willful ignorance is a crime to humanity. A simpler solution is to rip the fucking plug out of the wall when not in use. Duh..

Block wi-fi signal from neighbouring modem by 50% with space blankets for $4.99 from Canadian Tire

Unfold blanket, tape to wall, tape ground wire to blanket and attach to wall plug ground wire.

sleeping and waking

mindful sleep, mindful dreams

Melatonin helps regain your lost immunity production from Wi-fi EMF accumulation. Our deep restorative sleep happens in the darkest hours just before dawn. Our brain reads EMF signals as false light and fails to produce the necessary Melatonin to fend off free radicals and protect our immunity to cancer.

Rubin Naiman – The Addiction to Waking: Getting to the Heart of Most Sleep Disorders – June 5, 2014

A New Solution — Deep Green Sleep® Dr. Naiman’s work is based on the belief that healthy sleep is sustainable sleep, which must be both “deep” and “green.” Deep sleep is about one’s capacity to descend fully into repose. Green sleep is about establishing an optimal sleep environment– one that thoroughly supports such surrender.


Michael Ruppert Dead From Suicide, Early 9/11 Truther, Former LAPD Detective

“This is the man who cost CIA Director John M. Deutch his guaranteed appointment as Secretary of Defense after confronting him at Locke High School with hard facts about CIA dealing drugs.”

Apocalypse Man In Loving Memory…`Bringing Truth To Humanity` Peak Oil: “Petroleum Man is dead”

This search is being blocked on both Youtube and Google : “from the wilderness michael ruppert” Fuck Gootube!

Beyond denial get through our anger and find our community to save humanity

The truth about 911 – Follow the Money, Fuck Bush Cheney, Fuck Rothschild, Fuck NWO, Fuck the Global elite

Bed Post

i haven’t been able to sleep properly since the neighbour downstairs got wi-fi. she has it located right under our bedroom. i talked to her about turning it off at night, but she rebutted that she needs it to run her meditation on her computer to help her get to sleep, so no, i can go fuck myself. i need to take futuristic action now and line our bed with tin foil to stop the microwave from that fucking robotic antenna so i can get proper rest again.

Telus why fry

she doesn’t believe it keeps her awake

One of my favourite Canadian Rock Fusion Bands

Sinister Salad Musikal's Weblog

Artista: Lighthouse

País: Canada 

Álbum: Thoughts of Movin’ On

Ano de lançamento: 1971

Formação: Bob McBride (vocal e percussão), Skip Prokop (bateria, percussão e vocais), Paul Hoffert (piano e vibrafone), Ralph Cole (guitarra e vocais), Don Dinovo (violino), Dick Armin (violoncelo), Louie Yacknin (baixo), Keith Jollimore (saxofone, flauta e vocais), Larry Smith (trombone e vocais), Howard Shore (saxofone, flauta e vocais) e Mike Malone (trompete e flugelhorn).

Produção: Jimmy Ienner

Capa: Brad Johannsen

Gênero musical: Rock / Jazz-Rock / Pop Rock / Psicodelia

Selo: Evolution / 3010

Prensagem: United States

Lado A: 01. Take It Slow (Out in the Country) / 02. What Gives You the Right / 03. You and Me / 04. Fly My Airplane / 05. I’d Be So Happy

Lado B: 01. I Just Wanna Be Your Friend / 02. I’m Gonna Try to Make It / 03. Rockin’ Chair / 04. Walk Me Down / 05…

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