My Front Curb Repurposed Inspired by El Nardo!

IMG_0233..Captain’s Chair Worn out by Number Ones Ass

El Nardo wore out yet another hand me down computer style office chair. Second in the last two years he’s lived here. I think it’s from squirming around while Youtubing and gaming. He just rubs down the back and seat covering from restless shifting. Nardo’s a big boy probably 200lbs and around 6 feet tall and 32 years old. He breaks a lot of things. He’s kind of rough on everything. Pushes and clunks and bangs shit into stuff. I hide all my valuable stuff so he doesn’t get his mitts on it. And so within 6 months of getting his ass on it, he wore out the upholstery, which was probably made in China anyway. So his mama passed down her computer chair and picked up a solid oak office chair circa 1960s. So I began to think, should I fix my computer chair, in this disposable society? It’s loaded with adjustables. In our throw-away society, even technically crafted objects are considered disposable..

Worn Out Computer Chair

I started to research. And that’s when I came up with the idea that I could go to the local serendipity and find a comfortable chair that I really like and bring it home and screw it to the base of the worn out computer chair. Sort of like Steampunk, if I get the era right. So, if you’ve paid $300 for a good hydraulic height and angle adjustments on a computer chair, have no fear, you can reupholster it if you can find the time or the craftsman to do it, or you can go find a used vintage chair in good shape that speaks to your sensibility and simply switch out the seating onto the base.

Here are some examples…

Colonial Repurposed Computer Chair
Steampunk Colonial style sitting chair on computer base

.Winchester Armchair Repurposed Computer Chair
Majestic, Worn and Weathered Winchester Armchair

.Barber Chair Repurposed Computer Chair
Repurposed Barber Dentist Computer Chair

.Old Shoeshine Boy Repurposed Computer Chair
Old Shoeshine Boy Repurposed Computer Chair

My worn out office chair

This explains it all…

Happy hunting my friends!

; )



Why Fry? – Ode to My Evil Neighbour from Catullus

In the name of Gaia Sophia and the Sophia correction
Jesus of Nazareth and the archonic infection
I call you out and send you back to source
for purification and correction

WARNING: Adult Content!!
You piece of shit cancer cunt
awake all night with your wifi on
Trespassing on our person
Taking away my piece of mind
Invading my sense of well-being
You are fucking ugly beyond belief
as within, so without

I wish you cancer in your cunt
Wifi cancer in your mouth
Your fucking two-faced lying mouth
We have to vacate where we sleep
leave the safety of our home
so that you can die alone
in cancer with your wifi on
This past three years
Now our health is compromised

I go away and heal myself
and then come back into the field
only to get sick again, Telus
Moloch! Misanthropic beast!
You insidious goddam wireless prick
shoving your dick into places it doesn’t belong
I wish to shut you off,
disappear you from the face of the earth
and all the other tentacles of profit
that control the testicles of the modern matrix octopus
Man vs nature, man is a blight
on this planet earth

You piece of shit tumour on this earth
With my dying breath I seek you out
and strangle you to death
Every moment of excruciating pain
bulging from your eyes
that you may witness
the harm you cause others with your toys
in your wilful ignorance of wifi
in your wilful negligence of living together
You worthless piece of shit for brains

You devil masking as a nurse
nursing sickness to get worse
Why can’t you turn your signal off
at night while we need to sleep?
You dumbass insomniac bitch
who can’t admit the wifi keeps you up
from sleeping so you need to stream
relaxation videos (to help you sleep…)
all night using wifi near our bed
You dumb fuck negligent witch
who won’t use ethernet instead
or shut that signal off during hours of rest
that brainwash signal form our midst
You are as a demon possessed!
You have made me equal to the task
I kill the very thought of you. ~ psp

No, I’m not misogynist, I hate all humans equally

Misanthropy is the general hatred, distrust or contempt of the human species or human nature. A misanthrope or misanthropist is someone who holds such views or feelings. The word’s origin is from the Greek words μῖσος (misos, “hatred”) and ἄνθρωπος (anthrōpos, “man, human”). The condition is often confused with asociality.

To get Why-Fry and fry your brain go to: Telus/myhome
To learn more about wifi technology and its true effects go to: Citizens for Safe Technology

A few years ago, my father gave me this little book called The Four Agreements. It is a type of “self help” book, although self help sounds so…clinical? I like to refer to books of this nature as food for the soul, brain food, and also good advice for life. Some of these writers in […]

via The Four Agreements: Personal Growth Tips —

The Chicago School of Art Mandates Against the Use of Curves, Allowing Straight Lines Only

AUM, This proves that the asshole is the centre of the universe!

WARNING: Adult content /Based on the work of Benoît Mandelbrot an arch is only a series of straight lines changing angle in angular progression. The form is known as a fractal which repeats itself at multiple levels to infinite scales…

Mandelbrot Fractal

A circle with infinite radius is a line

circle with infinite radius

In the following image, the red and green circles are inverses with respect to the grey circle. Notice that when the red circle passes through
the center of the inversion, the green circle becomes a line.

circle is a straight line

Fibonacci Spiral drawn using only straight lines : mildly interesting

Fibonacci spiral using lines

The Mandelbrot set has its place in complex dynamics, a field first investigated by the French mathematicians Pierre Fatou and Gaston Julia at the beginning of the 20th century. The first published picture of the Mandelbrot set, by Robert W. Brooks and Peter Matelski in 1978 with the help of computers due to its infinite complex algorithms.

The Mandelbrot Fractal of An Infinite Asshole 754/3=251.33333333333..

Mandelbrot Fractal

Although there is some disagreement amongst authorities about how the concept of a fractal should be formally defined. Mandelbrot himself summarized it as “beautiful, damn hard, increasingly useful. That’s fractals.” All built on and scaled from the triangular structure of crystalline mass.

Mandelbrot Fractal

Mandelbrot Spire of Inspiration

A Beautiful Asshole

Mandelbrot Set Detail

How to make straight lines? (and curves?) A Virtual Guide

In Photoshop you can click somewhere
then holding down the shift-key and click somewhere else
and you get a straight line between the two clicked points. – See Adobe
In Illustrator you click on any line with the pointer and a handle appears
to manipulate any line with parabolic curves to infinite angles lengths and proportions

The Earth is Not Round, The Earth is Straight

“I have employed the weld extension and redrawn the circles and arcs multiple times. I have reset the 3rd dimension to include edges only.
The rest is just an illusion.” – Francis Picabia: Our Heads Are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction

Francis Picabia

Among the great modern artists of the past century, Francis Picabia (French, 1879–1953) also remains one of the most elusive.

Also Chicago School of Art warns against the use of free thoughts or random associations, allowing only ideas to be implemented through
direct action to direct 2nd Dimensional linear thought into 3rd Dimensional fractal forms.

The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century – Thomas L. Friedman

The Earth is Flat Thomas L Friedman

Are we inside a Truman show enclosed world, thousands of miles wide? Did we really go to the moon? Is the sun closer to our earth than we’ve been led to believe by the “powers that be”? Is NASA lying to us? Legendary UFO researcher Stanton Friedman squares off with fellow TFR host and producer of “Flat Earth Clues”, Mark K. Sargent in this special broadcast.


String Theory as Regards the Asshole Zero Point Technology and the Event Horizon

G-String Flat Earth

G-String passes by the Asshole as Regards the Flat Earth. Living Proof that the World is Flat and the Asshole is the Centre of the Universe!

dr. π (pi)


….. i was thinking, i love your faith… just hit the button and “pray”! i of little faith, also have a mac. i have an old school phone. i liken the computer to a glorified typewriter, now with digital camera, telegraph texting, etc. but smartphones are pretty dumb, like the devil incarnate is feeding us what to think do and say…

Swervechurch's Weblog

So, my wife gets an IPhone 4. She does not know what she has. She had some sort if goofy flip type phone that texting was hard and did not show all of the message, did not get email, did not get internet, …. it was just like an old technology phone that was klunkier than an Edsel.  I hated it. We would laugh at it.   Me and the kids have macs.  All in.  But she resisted….until today.

Now, let me tell you this.  She does not know what she has.  She has an Iphone4 but does not know how to work it.  She does not know all it has to offer.  She does not know all that is is capable of.  She does not know all that it can do.  She does not know all that it was made to do.  She does not appreciate the power of…

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….. The Homeless God…

With rising home prices and rising rents
We become homeless, we take with us
A homeless god, to console us

They said God carried me,
those bloody footprints
I never saw him

I never knew him ~psp

“Foxes have dens to live in, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place even to lay His head.” – Luke 9:58 — NLT

Swervechurch's Weblog

That is what my 12 year old daughter Emily ask me tonight.  

We were pulling out of a mall and she saw a homeless man with a sign….. She told me that she felt a strong need to give him 20 dollars.  I only had 4o dollars…but I gave her the 20.  (My brother says that it is not if he should give… but how much…)

So, I turn around.  Give her the 20 spot and now she says, God is telling her to pray with him.  So, I pull over…stay in the truck and my daughter gets out and gives him the 20 and asks him if she can pray with him…….I began to weep as she prayed for his diabetes, his home situation and his life, his finances.

She got back in the truck….and said it is cold….can we take him to Mike Ellis’s homeless shelter.  …..  She…

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Cubic Thoughts . . . A thought is a foundation for time in space and form

” I wonder what to write on the walls to allow people to give themselves permission, recognizing that this transgression usually
only happens in childhood. “
– I as a child ~psp

spiritual white room
In the White Womb – the-spiritual-white-room and a woman

Thoughts in Two Dimensions..

The cube has been touted as a sanctuary, which holds emancipatory potential for bodies prohibited
expression due to any range of intersecting oppressions in the real world or censorship.

Willys de Castro
Willys de Castro, ‘Projetos Para Pintura’, 1958

Pure Thought – Untitled

Tom Friedman
Tom Friedman, ‘Untitled (pedestal with flies)’, 2002

Thought Manifested – Plato’s Cave Concrete Ideas

Gyan Panchal, ‘Eer’, 2006

Clear Thought – 50 Shades of Gray (Transparency in Truth)

50 Shades of Gray
Kris Martin, ‘Thank You’, 2009

The Gender of Thought – Feminized White Cube

Feminized White Cube
Johannes Wohnseifer, ‘Feminized White Cube’, 2006

Sound Box – The Sound of Thought/The Thought of Sound…

Box with Sound
Robert Morris, ‘Box with the Sound of its Own Making’, 1961

Nested Thoughts… Partially Rotated

Objeto ativo
Willys de Castro, ‘Objeto ativo’, 1962

Weaving Cubic Thoughts…

Jim Isermann, ‘Cubeweave (0396)’, 1996

Thinking Outside the Box

Le Cube
Alberto Giacometti, “Le Cube”, 1933-34

Thinking the Box Outside – Earth Art

Le Cube
Jean Nouvel, ‘Monolith’, 2002

(Hidden Thoughts)

Le Cube
Gregor Schneider, ‘Cube Hambourg’, 2007

One of four directions of a subservient collective….


” The universe is real, but you can’t see it. You have to imagine it “ – Alexander Calder


dr. π (pi)