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Was Diego Velázquez really the “First Impressionist”?

In his thesis “The Practice and Science of Drawing” Harold Speed points out how the blurring of peripheral objects in painting began the search for visual elements of atmospheric felt sense of objects as opposed to linear delineation in naming of mere objects.

Las Meninas, by Diego Velázquez 1656

The Handmaidens of the Infanta Margharita in the Household of Philip IV, known as ‘Las meninas’, by Diego Velázquez, at the Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid. © Museo Nacional del Prado – Probably the first picture ever painted entirely from the visual or impressionist standpoint.

“When, as in the time of Titian, the art of the West had discovered light and shade, linear perspective, aerial perspective, etc., and had begun by fusing the edges of the masses to suspect the necessity of painting to a widely diffused focus, they had got very near considering appearances as a visual whole. But it was not until Velazquez that a picture was painted that was founded entirely on visual appearances, in which a basis of objective outlines was discarded and replaced by a structure of tone masses. Like his Venus of the same period in the National Gallery, it is a painter’s picture, and makes but a cold impression on those not interested in the technique of painting. With the cutting away of the primitive support of fine outline design and the absence of those accents conveying a fine form stimulus to the mind, art has lost much of its emotional significance. When he took his own painting room with the little Infanta and her maids as a subject, Velazquez seems to have considered it entirely as one flat visual impression. The focal attention is centred on the Infanta, with the figures on either side more or less out of focus, those on the extreme right being quite blurred. The reproduction here given unfortunately does not show these subtleties, and flattens the general appearance very much. The focus is nowhere sharp, as this would disturb the contemplation of the large visual impression. And there, I think, for the first time, the whole gamut of natural vision, tone, colour, form, light and shade, atmosphere, focus, etc., considered as one impression, were put on canvas.”

“But art has gained a new point of view. With this subjective way of considering appearances—this “impressionist vision,” as it has been called—many things that were too ugly, either from shape or association, to yield material for the painter, were yet found, when viewed as part of a scheme of colour sensations on the retina which the artist considers emotionally and rhythmically, to lend themselves to new and beautiful harmonies and “ensembles,” undreamt of by the earlier formulae. ” – Excerpt From: Harold Speed. “The Practice and Science of Drawing.”

“In the case of the Impressionist the mental perception is arrived at from the visual impression, and in the older point of view the visual impression is the result of the mental perception. Thus it happens that the Impressionist movement has produced chiefly pictures inspired by the actual world of visual phenomena around us, the older point of view producing most of the pictures deriving their inspiration from the glories of the imagination, the mental world in the mind of the artist.”

The painting has been cut down on both the left and right sides. It was damaged in the fire that destroyed the Alcázar in 1734, and was restored by court painter Juan García de Miranda (1677–1749). The left cheek of the Infanta was almost completely repainted to compensate for a substantial loss of pigment. Las Meninas has long been recognised as one of the most important paintings in Western art history. The Baroque painter Luca Giordano said that it represents the “theology of painting” and in 1827 the president of the Royal Academy of Arts Sir Thomas Lawrence described the work in a letter to his successor David Wilkie as “the true philosophy of the art”. More recently, it has been described as “Velázquez’s supreme achievement, a highly self-conscious, calculated demonstration of what painting could achieve, and perhaps the most searching comment ever made on the possibilities of the easel painting”. Via : wiki

Copies of Velázquez’ Handmaidens exist to defy the eye and challenge the validity of the original. Will the real Velázquez please stand out?

THE HOUSEHOLD OF PHILIP IV or LAS MENINAS by Juan Bautista Martinez del Mazo (c1612-15-1667) after Diego Velazquez (1599 - 1660), at Kingston Lacy, Dorset

The Handmaidens of the Infanta Margharita in the Household of Philip IV, known as ‘Las meninas’, thought to be by Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo, after Diego Velázquez, at Kingston Lacy, Dorset. ©National Trust Images/John Hammond



Wi-fi Space Blanket

Invisible magnetic fields are trespassing on your property. If you are unable to negotiate moving your neighbour’s wi-fi out of your sleeping quarters, you can minimize the signal until you are able to find a proper solution by holding a gun to their head. Warning! Most sheeple are unaware of being microwaved in their sleep… willful ignorance is a crime to humanity. A simpler solution is to rip the fucking plug out of the wall when not in use. Duh..

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sleeping and waking

mindful sleep, mindful dreams

Melatonin helps regain your lost immunity production from Wi-fi EMF accumulation. Our deep restorative sleep happens in the darkest hours just before dawn. Our brain reads EMF signals as false light and fails to produce the necessary Melatonin to fend off free radicals and protect our immunity to cancer.

Rubin Naiman – The Addiction to Waking: Getting to the Heart of Most Sleep Disorders – June 5, 2014

A New Solution — Deep Green Sleep® Dr. Naiman’s work is based on the belief that healthy sleep is sustainable sleep, which must be both “deep” and “green.” Deep sleep is about one’s capacity to descend fully into repose. Green sleep is about establishing an optimal sleep environment– one that thoroughly supports such surrender.


One of my favourite Canadian Rock Fusion Bands

Sinister Salad Musikal's Weblog

Artista: Lighthouse

País: Canada 

Álbum: Thoughts of Movin’ On

Ano de lançamento: 1971

Formação: Bob McBride (vocal e percussão), Skip Prokop (bateria, percussão e vocais), Paul Hoffert (piano e vibrafone), Ralph Cole (guitarra e vocais), Don Dinovo (violino), Dick Armin (violoncelo), Louie Yacknin (baixo), Keith Jollimore (saxofone, flauta e vocais), Larry Smith (trombone e vocais), Howard Shore (saxofone, flauta e vocais) e Mike Malone (trompete e flugelhorn).

Produção: Jimmy Ienner

Capa: Brad Johannsen

Gênero musical: Rock / Jazz-Rock / Pop Rock / Psicodelia

Selo: Evolution / 3010

Prensagem: United States

Lado A: 01. Take It Slow (Out in the Country) / 02. What Gives You the Right / 03. You and Me / 04. Fly My Airplane / 05. I’d Be So Happy

Lado B: 01. I Just Wanna Be Your Friend / 02. I’m Gonna Try to Make It / 03. Rockin’ Chair / 04. Walk Me Down / 05…

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Environmental Influence: The Trees of Santa Monica.

Photography | Bauhaus Online:

channel zero

do you know what your children are watching?

Read more: smart monkey!
“I’ll take the smart customers/readers/prospects
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went to buddha for this one..

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