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Why Fry? – Ode to My Evil Neighbour from Catullus

In the name of Gaia Sophia and the Sophia correction
Jesus of Nazareth and the archonic infection
I call you out and send you back to source
for purification and correction

WARNING: Adult Content!!
You piece of shit cancer cunt
awake all night with your wifi on
Trespassing on our person
Taking away my piece of mind
Invading my sense of well-being
You are fucking ugly beyond belief
as within, so without

I wish you cancer in your cunt
Wifi cancer in your mouth
Your fucking two-faced lying mouth
We have to vacate where we sleep
leave the safety of our home
so that you can die alone
in cancer with your wifi on
This past three years
Now our health is compromised

I go away and heal myself
and then come back into the field
only to get sick again, Telus
Moloch! Misanthropic beast!
You insidious goddam wireless prick
shoving your dick into places it doesn’t belong
I wish to shut you off,
disappear you from the face of the earth
and all the other tentacles of profit
that control the testicles of the modern matrix octopus
Man vs nature, man is a blight
on this planet earth

You piece of shit tumour on this earth
With my dying breath I seek you out
and strangle you to death
Every moment of excruciating pain
bulging from your eyes
that you may witness
the harm you cause others with your toys
in your wilful ignorance of wifi
in your wilful negligence of living together
You worthless piece of shit for brains

You devil masking as a nurse
nursing sickness to get worse
Why can’t you turn your signal off
at night while we need to sleep?
You dumbass insomniac bitch
who can’t admit the wifi keeps you up
from sleeping so you need to stream
relaxation videos (to help you sleep…)
all night using wifi near our bed
You dumb fuck negligent witch
who won’t use ethernet instead
or shut that signal off during hours of rest
that brainwash signal form our midst
You are as a demon possessed!
You have made me equal to the task
I kill the very thought of you. ~ psp

No, I’m not misogynist, I hate all humans equally

Misanthropy is the general hatred, distrust or contempt of the human species or human nature. A misanthrope or misanthropist is someone who holds such views or feelings. The word’s origin is from the Greek words μῖσος (misos, “hatred”) and ἄνθρωπος (anthrōpos, “man, human”). The condition is often confused with asociality.

To get Why-Fry and fry your brain go to: Telus/myhome
To learn more about wifi technology and its true effects go to: Citizens for Safe Technology

A few years ago, my father gave me this little book called The Four Agreements. It is a type of “self help” book, although self help sounds so…clinical? I like to refer to books of this nature as food for the soul, brain food, and also good advice for life. Some of these writers in […]

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….. i was thinking, i love your faith… just hit the button and “pray”! i of little faith, also have a mac. i have an old school phone. i liken the computer to a glorified typewriter, now with digital camera, telegraph texting, etc. but smartphones are pretty dumb, like the devil incarnate is feeding us what to think do and say…

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So, my wife gets an IPhone 4. She does not know what she has. She had some sort if goofy flip type phone that texting was hard and did not show all of the message, did not get email, did not get internet, …. it was just like an old technology phone that was klunkier than an Edsel.  I hated it. We would laugh at it.   Me and the kids have macs.  All in.  But she resisted….until today.

Now, let me tell you this.  She does not know what she has.  She has an Iphone4 but does not know how to work it.  She does not know all it has to offer.  She does not know all that is is capable of.  She does not know all that it can do.  She does not know all that it was made to do.  She does not appreciate the power of…

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….. The Homeless God…

With rising home prices and rising rents
We become homeless, we take with us
A homeless god, to console us

They said God carried me,
those bloody footprints
I never saw him

I never knew him ~psp

“Foxes have dens to live in, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place even to lay His head.” – Luke 9:58 — NLT

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That is what my 12 year old daughter Emily ask me tonight.  

We were pulling out of a mall and she saw a homeless man with a sign….. She told me that she felt a strong need to give him 20 dollars.  I only had 4o dollars…but I gave her the 20.  (My brother says that it is not if he should give… but how much…)

So, I turn around.  Give her the 20 spot and now she says, God is telling her to pray with him.  So, I pull over…stay in the truck and my daughter gets out and gives him the 20 and asks him if she can pray with him…….I began to weep as she prayed for his diabetes, his home situation and his life, his finances.

She got back in the truck….and said it is cold….can we take him to Mike Ellis’s homeless shelter.  …..  She…

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Global TV 16×9 WiFi Affects The Heart


Live Blood Analysis – Observable Effects of RF/MW Radiation via Smart Meters

Needless to say I am no longer able to sleep in the house which I rent, the neighbour lied and said they would turn the wi-fi off at night. They don’t. I can read the signal on a wi-fi analyzer and I know it is them. I know which breaker it is on and I hesitate to throw the switch at night, at the probability of starting an all out war with the drunken fools. They cannot feel anything under the influence, let alone EMF radiation from wireless. Also needless to say, this has completely destroyed my ability to function and enjoy life in a normal manner.

So, fuck you, good neighbours!

If anyone would like to visit them and shoot their dogs, I am also allergic to dog hair.


file under freedom of expression

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Allen Ginsberg

1976  – Neue Pinakothek -Allen Ginsberg und “Der Arme Poet” von Carl Spitzweg (1839)

Walter Mehring

Walter Mehring   Schriftsteller (1896-1981) Carlton-Hotel München 1975

Der jüdische Autor Walter Mehring entkommt dem Holocaust, “wird amerikanischer Staatsbürger und kehrt 1953 aus dem Exil zurück. Zürich und München werden seine Bleibe – ein Zuhause in kleinen Hotels. Drei Jahrzehnte schreibt er an einem neuen Roman – 800 Seiten in Handschrift – einem Buch über das Leben im Exil. 1976 gehen sie verloren – irgendwo zwischen München und Zürich.

Auf diesem Foto, in seinem Hotelzimmer, lauscht er seiner Stimme – Texte aus seinem “verlorenen” Roman – gesprochen für uns – auf ein Tonband.

Allen Ginsberg Oktoberfest © Uwe Möntmann

Allen Ginsberg  “Oktoberfest-Löwenbräu-Zelt” (1976)

Obwohl schon einige Maß intus stellt sich Allen vor dem Bierzelt in Pose.„Löööwenbräu“ brüllt der Löwe im Hintergrund und schon macht es – klick!

Allen Ginsberg OktoberfestAllen Ginsberg Okoberfest (1976)

Lou Reed

Lou Reed  (1977)

Link Wray München (1977)

Ohne Link Wray gäbe…

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Wi-fi Space Blanket

Invisible magnetic fields are trespassing on your property. If you are unable to negotiate moving your neighbour’s wi-fi out of your sleeping quarters, you can minimize the signal until you are able to find a proper solution by holding a gun to their head. Warning! Most sheeple are unaware of being microwaved in their sleep… willful ignorance is a crime to humanity. A simpler solution is to rip the fucking plug out of the wall when not in use. Duh..

Block wi-fi signal from neighbouring modem by 50% with space blankets for $4.99 from Canadian Tire

Unfold blanket, tape to wall, tape ground wire to blanket and attach to wall plug ground wire.

sleeping and waking

mindful sleep, mindful dreams

Melatonin helps regain your lost immunity production from Wi-fi EMF accumulation. Our deep restorative sleep happens in the darkest hours just before dawn. Our brain reads EMF signals as false light and fails to produce the necessary Melatonin to fend off free radicals and protect our immunity to cancer.

Rubin Naiman – The Addiction to Waking: Getting to the Heart of Most Sleep Disorders – June 5, 2014

A New Solution — Deep Green Sleep® Dr. Naiman’s work is based on the belief that healthy sleep is sustainable sleep, which must be both “deep” and “green.” Deep sleep is about one’s capacity to descend fully into repose. Green sleep is about establishing an optimal sleep environment– one that thoroughly supports such surrender.